ACT FOR THE OUTDOORS 2019, it's done!
Thanks to all of you for your support and see you next year!

ACT for the Outdoors initiated a collective commitment for the preservation of our environment and the sustainable development of outdoor sports practices.
Do not lose any time, scroll below to discover more about ACT for the Outdoors and how to commit to its program.


ACT for the Outdoors is a collective of companies and citizens acting together to protect natural spaces and to encourage sustainability in outdoor sports.


By creating this program, which Cluster Montagne joined in 2019, Outdoor Sports Valley wants to lastingly engage the outdoor sport industry as well as the protagonists of mountain tourism in the action of protecting nature, the playground of its practitioners.


All stakeholders are concerned (companies, communities, associations, individuals…etc) to financially contribute, through patronage, to associative projects of general interest.


In 2018, ACT for the Outdoors supported 5 projects by successfully collecting more than 50 000 euros.


Here’s a few examples of what sort of actions we supported last year:

Promoting soft mobility in the mountains with the association “Mountain Wilderness”.


Encouraging the sharing of space between black grouses and cross-country skiers with the association “Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux Isère”.

Making the high mountains accessible to young people, who live in the valley without having the opportunity to discover them, with the association “En passant par la Montagne.”



To hasten awareness and to create a collective dynamic between the outdoor sport industry, local authorities, and individuals.

To mobilize the ecosystem of the outdoor sector on the importance of contributing to the preservation of sports practices’ environments.

To financially support associative or related structures implementing concrete projects of interests.


In concrete terms, ACT for the Outdoors will meet, audition and select the most relevant general interests’ initiatives given the program’s objectives.

Surrounded by experts from different backgrounds, we guarantee you to support projects with quality, to ensure the follow-up and the good implementation of the projects, offering you regular reporting.

Quality of air

Maintenance of sport sites

ACT for the Outdoors

Environmental protection

Development of the practice of sports

Conservation of biodiversity


The approach of ACT for the Outdoors aims to become THE French platform for financing outdoor sports’ projects.

If you represent a foreign company and you have a subsidiary or distributor in France, you can get involved with ACT for the Outdoors by donating during the campaign starting from the 1st of April til the 15th of July. Your French brand branch will benefit from 60% of tax reduction on your donation.


Why should you become a patron?


       You will be able to share your support to ACT for the Outdoors’ program to both your employees and your customers, and also, to communicate on your brand’s interest in preserving natural spaces.


      You will have at disposal a communication kit allowing you to display your commitment in this process on your website, mail signatures, social networks…


      ACT for the Outdoors ensures that the supported projects are well set up and of good quality. You will have a unique contact, ACT for the Outdoors, so that you won’t receive other solicitations.


      You will be involved in a collective process of the outdoor sports and mountain tourism industries. The renown of the program being growing, you will benefit from the press coverage of the program organized by Outdoor Sports Valley.

COMMIT IN 2019 !

ACT for the Outdoors wishes to respond to environmental issues and to encourage the practice of outdoor sports through concrete field actions, collective commitment, and high professionalism into the monitoring of the project.


In 2019, you can commit your company in this program during the campaign from the 1st of April to the 15th of July.

This project aims at giving the opportunity to young people (128 in 2018) living at the bottom of the mountains to discover their natural environment through different stays giving them the ability to also act for the environment during their stays. It is a project based on the education of the mountain surroundings through outdoor practices.

  • SURF RIDER FOUNDATION: ‘’Riverine Input’’, a project with the purpose to reduce oceans and rivers plastic pollution by studying the waste coming from the watercourses with the partnership of research laboratories and by offering efficient solutions at local levels.





  • MOUNTAIN WILDERNESSMany settlements, mainly touristic but also industrial, agricultural and military are now abandoned in the French mountains.




  • FRANCE NATURE ENVIRONNEMENT 74: Uncontrolled landfill discovered in the bend of a path, water pollution, disturbance of protected species… As many damages to the environment often remaining ignored or worse, unpunished.


The aim of the project is to get better results, deploying the device by sensitizing and training outdoor sports practitioners so that they can identify and report environmental damage during their outings.

  • MOUNTAIN BIKERS FOUNDATIONOur trails need love! Or, how to invite the outdoor practitioners to switch from being trails’ consumers to stakeholders.

Trained practitioners will then be able to act and share on their territory,

allowing a rise in qualification of each and an awareness of the importance

of the heritage to maintain.

They are obsolete and must disappear.

This project aims at organizing cleaning operations in the mountain ranges. Mountain Wilderness association demonstrates the feasibility of dismantling and the strong community willing to make our landscape safe again.

To fight against this scourge, the FNE 74 movement has created the ‘’sentinels of nature’’, a citizen program which fights environmental 

degradation through the detection of the latter with the app developed by the FNE 74.

Mountain Bikers Foundation wishes to conduct a series of trail maintenance courses with a network of all outdoor sport practitioners to lead to sustainable and responsible development of trails.


If you need any additional information or if you wish to know more about Act for the Outdoors, do not hesitate to contact us:

04 50 67 53 91  |

@ Outdoor Sports Valley :

Annecy Base Camp

PAE des Glaisins

12C, rue du Pré Faucon

74 940 Annecy-le-Vieux


In partnership with :


Bon à savoir : La défiscalisation sera à hauteur de 60% des montants versés si vous êtes une entreprise, et à hauteur de 66% si vous êtes un particulier.

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